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Posted By admin on 07/23/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


I didn’t know Long Mint was a football fan. She’s rooting for Brazil for the world cup.


Long Mint doesn’t mind shaking her fine shemale ass to support the Brazil team.


Long Mint further reveals her sexy Brazil bikini. Notice the big bulge hanging down.


Long Mint busts out her big ladyboy cock. There’s a ball game going on right there.

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Posted By admin on 07/13/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Ladyboy Long Mint looking sexy in her high heels and bikini with matching panties.


Long Mint shakes her slender shemale ass before getting in the hot tub.


Long Mint balances on the hot tub, her long legs folded underneath her.


Long Mint gets into the hot tub while still dressed, even her high heels are still on.


Wet but still somehow dirty, Long Mint is looking for company in the hot tub.

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Posted By admin on 06/16/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint in a sexy white costume with her orange hair is growing on me. I like it.


Long Mint already stands out with her lean body but the hair puts her over the top.


I haven’t figured out the costume though. I’m thinking one of those 50’s food hops.


Here’s the real treat. Hung shemale Long Mint and her sizable cock, fully hard!

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Posted By admin on 06/06/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


I don’t know what mind first thought of putting a dildo on the end of a power tool, but they’ve invariably all been called the Drilldo, even though this one looks like a converted power saw. Long Mint is willing to try this frightful toy out today.


Long Mint removes all except her thigh high boots and fingerless mesh gloves.


Long Mint turns herself on sucking the Drilldo and stroking her big ladyboy cock.


Finally, she’s ready. With a little help, the Drilldo starts penetrating her Ladyboy ass! From the look on her face it’s a challenge, but Long Mint toughs it out…


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Posted By admin on 05/28/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Ladyboy escort Long Mint walks into the hotel room and demands obedience.


Just what he wanted, her client submits and starts kissing her pretty ladyboy feet.


Long Mint sizes up his cock while he is surprised at the size of her shemale dick.


This is great pic of Long Mint in a ladyboy 69 with her client, both sucking happily.


Long Mint takes control and slides her very long shemale dick into his tight ass!

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Posted By admin on 05/19/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale

One thing I really like about Long Mint is all the wild sexy costumes she finds. She wears them well and always looks great. This leopard print lingerie set seems to leap out as if she wants to chase you down with her sexual appetite. With a long ladyboy cock like Long Mint has, that would be a delicious shemale treat!



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Posted By admin on 05/10/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint looking adorable and sexy in her black stockings and short plaid skirt.


It’s amazing how skinny she is! As you can see, those long legs are extra tall…


Long Mint coolly wets down her white shirt and panties with the shower nozzle.


Completely naked in the shower, Long Mint shemale rinses her delicious body.


Boing! Out pops her hard cock. Sitting in warm water she strokes her nice shaft.

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Posted By admin on 04/30/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint dressed up as a naughty nurse in kinky stockings and high heels.


Long Mint takes the temperature of the mighty shemale cock between her legs.


Long Mint on all fours sticking her naughty nurse ass up in the air for inspection.


There’s a gorgeous smile as Long Mint pulls out her tranny surprise – a long hard ladyboy cock!


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Posted By admin on 04/21/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint relaxes in the hotel room between clients, wearing stockings and garters.


She is a Thai ladyboy with long legs and skinny body, available as a tgirl escort.


Long Mint is a shemale who can be either a top or a bottom, and is very popular.


She especially likes to dress up in costumes and roleplay. That’s her favorite.


Woah! She is sporting a long cock that would be the envy of any man – 9 inches!


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Posted By admin on 04/12/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint has drawn herself a bath with rose petals. She’s feeling romantic and horny at the same time.


Long Mint has lit some candles around the bath, but there’s one big candle she plans on using a little differently…


Long Mint eases her fine ass down into the hot water. She looks so beautiful like this.


Long Mint exposes her big long ladyboy cock while in the bath and lubes up that pink candle for some serious ass play!


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Posted By admin on 04/03/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint shemale heads down to a beautiful Thailand beach in her skimpy bikini.


Long Mint poses for the camera among the trees. She has a great flat stomach.


Long Mint takes her skimpy bikini off because it cannot hide that big ladyboy cock.


Long Mint is petite like many from Thailand, but her ladyboy cock hangs in triumph!

You see why Mint took on the adjective ‘Long’, now see what she does with it!

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Posted By admin on 03/24/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


One thing is for sure, Long Mint loves to dress up in sexy clothes, like this red corset with fancy black stockings and formidable stiletto boots.


If you’re a fan of ladyboy Long Mint, you know she’s packing heat in those panties.


Long Mint shemale grabs her long hard ladyboy cock. It measures a full 9 inches.


This hot ladyboy from Thailand pulls her cock while inserting a butt plug in her ass.


Feeling her ass filled, Long Mint jerks her mighty cock until she’s ready to cum!

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Posted By admin on 03/15/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint meeting her next client in a swank hotel room. She’s been getting horny waiting for him.


Long Mint feels his bulge and can’t wait to get him out of those clothes. Her cock is throbbing thinking of all the naughty things she wants to do.


Long Mint grimaces as his cock enters her ass for the first time. She’s extremely tight down there!


Long Mint strokes her cock as she gets ass fucked. Don’t worry! It’s the condom that is red, not his dick! Hahaha!

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Posted By admin on 03/06/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Thai ladyboy Long Mint is looking fabulous in sexy lingerie and matching stockings.


Long Mint is a ladyboy escort in Thailand, with lots of traveling admirers. You can see why,


Long Mint arches her back so her tight ladyboy ass makes a tempting target. You can see her big man meat hanging underneath.


Long Mint inserts a dildo into her ass as she plays with her long 9 inch ladyboy cock. That has lots of admirers too.


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Posted By admin on 02/25/11 - Bookmark Long Mint Shemale


Long Mint has a client that wants to be dominated, and that’s something she can easily do.


Long Mint can be a top or a bottom depending on her client’s wishes. She has the long cock for the first and a tight ass for the second.


Long Mint stuffs her ladyboy cock in his mouth. He’s wearing a mask so nobody from home recognizes him.


Long Mint wraps her pecker and eases it in to his ass even as he struggles with every inch! That guy is brave!


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